In a world that has become increasingly more digital, we were yearning for a time-machine that could transport us back to the analogue 80’s whenever modern life became a bit bland


We wanted to create a machine for people that are as passionate about driving as we are. A machine that only a handful of people in world would still dare to try and make.

Technology has given us many great things, but it has also taken away the tactile experience that we, as car nuts, are missing in today’s driving.

Sequential transmissions with paddle shifters have their place, but for this machine, we wanted an old-school mechanical shifter to give the driver full control of the turbo-powered engine.

It’s widely known that the Turbo 2 was created because the Turbo was simply too expensive to produce.

The roof, doors and tailgate were all made from aluminum and the beautiful Bertone interior was designed by the legendary Marcello Gandini. These things made the Turbo one of the most exciting and desirable hot-hatches of its time, but it also put the car in a price bracket that was out of reach for most.

Through the utilisation of standard steel elements, as well as borrowing the interior from the R5 Alpine, Renault was able to offer an affordable alternative in the form of the Turbo 2.
It was a great car and certainly great value for money, but we couldn’t help asking ourselves:

“What if there were no compromises? What if we took the best bits of both cars and used technology only to improve the electrics and weight of the car?”

Those questions took us down a rabbit hole and we eventually found ourselves at the point of no return. The point where we had no option but to commit to the journey of creating the best possible version of a motorsport icon.


Visually, the idea for the Turbo 3 was crystal clear: the car had to be instantly recognisable as an R5 Turbo. Upon closer inspection, however, it would become obvious that this version is something bespoke and truly special.


Every single detail has been refined, updated or redesigned in order to make this machine as timeless as possible and to deliver the most unique experience from the inside out.

The body is mostly made out of carbon fiber and has been significantly widened to fit bigger wheels, yet all the poportions have been adjusted to keep it homogenius and true to its bloodline.

These are some of the key design elements of the Turbo 3:
Complete bodykit hand-made from carbon fiber.
Custom 16” x8” rims in the front and 17”x11” in the rear with 2 different designs available.
New LED headlamps fitted to a single piece mask, reducing the amount of components composing the front and giving it its timeless feeling.

Rear side glass framed in carbon fiber with bespoke air curtains incorporated into the C pilars.
Extended rear wing on the roof, using the minimal amount of material for its light-weight structure.
Custom designed 2-piece diffuser, carrying bespoke dual square exhaust tips.

In keeping with our ethos of only using technology to improve electrics or materials, we have completely redesigned the rear light structure with modernised LED technology. This allowed us the privilege of putting our very own signature on an already iconic rear end.
As with its older siblings, the Turbo 3 is based on an original 3-door R5, however it carries the latest version of the front and rear Maxi Turbo double wishbone geometry, making the car wider and more capable than its predecessors.


We set out to create a machine for people that are as passionate about driving as we are. A machine that would make a grown adult giggle like a little child even at thought of getting behind the wheel.

Creating this car has been a dream-come-true for us. We have designed and built it with obsessive attention to detail, using the finest materials and put together by the some of the most skilled crafts-people in the world.

We ignored all financial advice and spared no expense in making sure that this is the best possible version of the B-segment icon.

In doing so, we created something unapologetically uncompromised.

We created the Turbo 3.

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