The Story


Co-founder – CDO
Chief Design Officer

Car designer
10+ years of international experience


Co-founder – COO
Chief Operations Officer

 Business developer
– Co founder of Socal Frenchiez
– Stuntman


Co-founder – CEO
Chief Executive Officer

Formula 1 Engineer
Venture Capital Investor


French born Car Designer, Alan Derosier, moves to LA from Shanghai in 2018. This is a childhood dream come true and an opportunity to experience the California sun in all its majestic glory. The most important thing to Alan about his big move (after the comfort and security of his family, of course) was working out what car he was going to use to acquaint himself with his new home.

Alan is a big Porsche fan and given the custom car culture in Los Angeles, he wanted to build something unique and, well, custom. His ambition was to do a build in the spirit of his Custom Porsche heroes, Singer, Rod Emory, Guntherwerks and Canepa. The Porsche niche, however, was well covered by these trailblazers and Alan drew inspiration from another childhood hero, the Renault 5 Turbo.

He started sketching out ideas and shared a couple of these on social media, which garnered a lot of attention. This eventually led to meeting Charly Bompas, a fellow Frenchman based in Los Angeles. He is a former car stuntman that happens to co-own a Classic Car Restoration shop called SoCal Frenchiez. He loved Alan’s vision for the Rally Icon and together they decided to do a small production run.

The last missing piece in the French ensemble was Brice Ollivault, former F1 engineer turned investor and of course car fanatic too. His motorsport and business experience have been instrumental in bringing the project to fruition and in providing us with the means to execute on our shared ambitions. »

Not only did these French petrolheads want to pay homage to their roots, but they also wanted to show love and respect to the place that gifted the inspiration for this project, Los Angeles.

With that, the French collective was named Legende Automobile or simply, L.A.