To many Colorsponge is one of the best CGI and concept artist in the industry!

So having a lot of respect for each other’s work and creative universe Alan Derosier / Legendeautomobiles & Colorsponge decided to team up and see what the outcome would look like.

For our 1st collab we picked the Turbo3 and decided to treat it like a modern art piece, using unusual materials such as recycled plastic for the bumpers, side skirts, wings, mirrors arms and highlighted by pop colors.

The idea was to create a unique composition of colors and materials which generates emotions to its viewers. As a smell or a taste of a candy, a music, a cartoon, a movie or a poster on a wall can recall nostalgic memories we wanted this version of the car to do just that, put a big smile on your face and take you back to your childhood.

The use of recycled material is also a way to highlight the symbolic of what the Turbo3 is, a very sustainable car which as received a brand new life.

Giving a second and brighter life to an old and sometimes almost obsolete product is the quintessence of sustainability and design.

A car for true petrol heads but pushing for eco responsible solutions through the manufacturing process.

All the visualisation work above has been realized by :

Carlos Colorsponge

CGi Automotive Artist